The Comedy Club Shows Warm Up A Cold Night With Laughter

On a cold Friday night in February laughter bellowed round the lake district as we delivered our opening show at North Lakes Hotel  & Spa.
Local comedy fans packed into the hotels function suite which converted into a stunning intimate Comedy Club venue for the for the evening.
This show is the first in a series of events for the hotel, but not for the company,  as we have delivered the laughter to other great venues just recently, why not book a comedy night at your venue.
Guests were settled in for the evening by host compere and TV comedian Steve Royle. Steve worked his magic making everyone relaxed and warmed up their rib cages for what was to come….
Opening the evening was everyone’s favourite corporate comedian Gerry K. Gerry K is a regular comedy club act, opening and headlining our clubs across the UK and beyond. His brilliant observational and topical humour sat perfectly with the guests.
After short interval Steve Royle returned to the stage to deliver the first joke completion of its kind to the guests. It was great to see so many people getting involved and bringing their humour to the table….that said some of it could been left under the table!
Steve settled the room back down before welcoming the comedy club giant comedian Colin Cole. Colin stands  at 6’7 and has fantastic huge jokes to boot! The room was ‘laughing out loud’ throughout Colins 30 minute set. It was clear to see this on the evening laughter really IS the best medicine! After the event comedian Gerry K said’ it was a very good show, especially for the first of its kind at the venue. The audience were lovely and great numbers in’ Join us for our next show on Friday 18th May when we welcome comedians Tony Simpson, Barry Castangnola and Rich Wilson to the North Lakes stage.