The Comedy Club Goes Sky High In Heathrow

Monday 3rd July laughter was delivered to the Sheraton Skyline Hotel Heathrow for the very first time. This new fantastic venue will play host to regular comedy nights, on the first Monday of each month featuring 3 top comedians .

Comedian and host for the evening was the awesome Kevin McCarthy. Comedian Kevin McCarthy remains one of the biggest and most loved performers by comics and audiences alike, compering and headlining at all the major Comedy Clubs in the UK. With an ever changing act, and the ability to find humour in any subject, Kevin’s warm personality and utterly relaxed stage persona had the audience instantly at ease on the evening. His quick fire gags had the room laughing within seconds of being on stage!
McCarthy introduced our first comedian to the stage who was Mr Mark Simmons.
Comedian Simmons took the audience on a gentle jaunt through the meandering labyrinth of his pun-ridden consciousness. Delightfully daft but carefully crafted jokes where delivered with spot on timing! The audience were now well and truly roaring with laughter throughout his set.
After a short interval, Kevin delivered the joke competition which went down well with all comedy goers. Comedian and host Kevin McCarthy settled the audience down, before welcoming our headline comedian Jeff Innocent.
Jeff is now very much part of the comedy gentry and widely acknowledge as one of the UK's top headlines acts . He has stormed comedy clubs all over the world including Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Dubai, Holland, Taiwan and more recently Japan - and now London Heathrow!
The audience just could not get enough of him, a truly first class comedian which left the audience gasping for breath.
After the show opening comedian Mark Simmons said ' It was a great funky room to play, and think will work very well as a new comedy club'