Famous Comedians Banter in Banstead

Last weekend was a momentous occasion for the Banstead Village Club. We were proud to deliver their first ever comedy show with 3 top famous comedians to a sold – out club! Why not book comedians UK for your local club?
Banstead comedy fans packed into the village club, for what was to be a fantastic inaugural comedy event!
The show kicked off with host comedian Danny Wardat 8pm. Wards delivery was up-beat and well honed, his easy-going style was both endearing and very very  funny to boot. The audience new they were now in for a fantastic show ahead of them!
First up was comedian Alfie Moore. Alfie is an original and distinctive comedian with his niche area as a serving police sergeant
And has supported TV comedians including Sarah Millican, Russell Kaneand Milton Jones on their national comedy tours. Moore’s opening set was well delivered and certainly enjoyed by all.
After the interval host comedian Ward delivered the headline act comedian Herbie Adams. Herbie delivered a set of silly gagged filled songs along with hilarious observational humour. Why not book a comedy night for your venue?
We look forward to returning to Banstead Village Club in 2018