Cheer Up Your Autumn and Winter with a Live Comedy Show Or Hire A Comedian !

Live comedy is back in the UK, and we cannot wait to get back to enjoying a good laugh!

For those who have missed the excitement of watching a live comedian or comedy show over the past 18+ months, now is the time to tickle our senses with what we have been missing. Why not book tickets for a live comedy show at a venue near you or hire a comedian for your next event.

Don't forget that Christmas is fast approaching, and this year many of our UK comedians are already booked out to kick off the festive season with a bang!

If you have an upcoming special event this Autumn or Winter, don't delay – get in touch with us now to avoid disappointment. There are lots of comedy venues up and down the country that are raring to go and comedians available for your private event, all loaded up with brand new material that they have perfected over the past months.

Why laughter is the best medicine

Watching an excellent live comedy show will make you laugh and giggle like a child once again. Remember those times when we laughed until we cried? How alive did we feel back then? You don't need an excuse to feel that good again.

Watching a side-splitting comedian can return you to those carefree days, relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins that can make you tingle with happiness from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Did you also know that you burn more calories watching a live comedy show than you do sitting in front of the TV? It's true! Studies show that we burn around 50 calories for every ten to fifteen minutes of laughter we experience, and what better way to burn calories and feel good while doing it than to enjoy a good laugh at a live comedy show with your family and friends!

Plus, studies also suggest that by watching live comedy, we can hone and improve our own sense of humour. We become more receptive to humour and learn to see the funny side of things, which gives us a more positive outlook on life.

Are you planning a workplace Christmas party?

Live or Virtual - We have the best laughter makers in the UK & accross the Globe !

No matter how stressful the past 18 months have been for us, having a good laugh can relieve stress levels. So if you want to ease the tension of the past few months and give your workmates one hell of a Christmas party, why not book a live comedian for your workplace Christmas party!