The Comedy Club Switzerland Book A Comedy Night

On last Tuesday, our comedians packed their bags and jetted of to entertain the lovely people of Zug Switzerland. A known fact is Switzerland is one of the world’s best places to live and be happy, and happy they were with our brilliant comedians Laura Lexx and Mickey Sharma. hire comedians for your show. The show is a regular monthly Tuesday night affair at the Zug casino Theatre . International comedy fans packed tight into the show room, with only standing room left.

First to take the stage was award winning comedian Laura Lexx . Laura was nominated in 2017 for best compere at the comics comic wards,  and also nominated for best compere in 2017 for chortles comedy awards. She has also supported top TV comedians on tour including Jason Manford, Tim Vine and Russell Kane. Her humour was absorbed with fantastic effect by Switz locals and UK ex –pats alike. It was then time for comedian Mickey Sharma to take the Mic. His high and contagious energy was welcomed by the show room, and rounded off another brilliant  comedy night in the Alps. Join us in Switzerland as we return to this popular night with another two top professional stand up comedians.