New Comedy Clubs For 2017

To kick off to 2017 we are pleased to welcome 3 new venues to The Comedy Club,  all will be graced with the best comedians!

If you are a comedy fan in either the Northampton, Cumbria, or Whyboston Bedfordshire you are in for a treat.!
Each show at all venues will feature 3 of the very best comedians from the prestigious UK circuit, all different each show.
Firstly we will be heading to the Greehhill Hotel in Wigton Cumbria with 3 top comedians on Saturday 28th January. Next up we head to Northampton Aspers Casino on 25th March then to Whyboston Lakes on 31st March.
For show line ups of which comedians are performing,  and other comedy night show dates please click here to visit their venue page.
If you would like your venue to host The Official Comedy Club, please click here to contact us.