Jim Tavare to Star in America’s Super Bowl

One of The Comedy Clubs  favourite comedians for many years Jim Tavare, is to appear  on a new advert which is to be aired during the American Superbowl in the USA. Comedian Tavare will be seen by at least 112 million viewers, as this was the viewing figures from last year.From The whole Comedy Club Team .. Well done Jim!

Comedian Tavare has been at the top of the UK comedy circuit for many years, and now living in LA is becoming a household name due to winning Last Comic Standing in 2008. Comedian Jim Tavare has also starring in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba, playing Tom the innkeeper.

The advert which Tavare appears in is actually for an accounting software firm called Turbotax. In this new advert comedian Tavare plays one of the Kings Men who helps Humpty Dumpty after he falls! Apparently the egg fell as he was using Turbo Tax whilst sitting on the wall!!!