Barrels of May Bank Holiday Laughter

Ashford International Hotel kicked of the Bank holiday in style with another storming show with The Comedy Club on Friday.

The 200 strong audience laughed the night away at Ashford’s biggest & best  monthly comedy night.

First up was MC Andy White who had the crowd laughing from the off,  with his silly voices, funny faces & observational humour .

Mark Simmons then stepped up and took the audience on a gentle jaunt through the meandering labyrinth of his pun-ridden consciousness!

Top Comedians The Raymond & Mr Timkins Revue closed the evening with something a little different.... Combining inimitable acoustic guitar and stylophone driven rock anthems with a plethora of prop-assisted material and some serial wordplay that would put Stephen Fry to shame, the show then comes together to create a comic masterpiece.!!

Ashford International Hotel said  ‘The night went really well and all the comedians were great,  everyone especially loved the Comedians'

Why not join us when we return to Ashford on Friday 24th June.