One of the most important acts to emerge from the UK comedy circuit in the last 20 years - Evening Standard

They are the co-operative that bring the vigour, pace and joy to any event and love to have a laugh.

With light mindedness, hyperactivity and more than a bundle of undemanding jokes, Raymond & Timpkins are such an uplifting act the audience instantly feels at ease transporting even the meekest of reluctant comedy-goers to quivering, giggling seat-wetters! Here we have a terpsichorean twosome who have plundered the pop world for inspiration to delight and perplex audiences from the Isles of Falkand to the badlands of north eastern Denmark. Brace yourselves Britain....not really stand up and not really circus but all cabaret and that really should be enough for you.

Testimonials of The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue


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