One part Alf Garnett, two parts Mel Brooks, and three parts like nothing you've ever heard - The Guardian

Show-biz legend Sol Bernstein is back!! Sol Bernstein is the comic creation of Steve Jameson, a top comedy performer himself. 

Sol Bernstein has performed 2 solo show's. ''ALMOST ALIVE'' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003 winning a ''Spirit of the Fringe award'', and ''ALMOST ALIVE 11'' in 2004.

The legend that is Sol Bernstein escaped the Pogroms in Russia, the Nazis in Germany, and went on to become the World's 1st all-round entertainer.

He's a song and dance man, a comedian, a magician, an actor, a Jazz musician (Sol was rated ''BEST TRIANGLE'' player in the USA in the 50's by performers like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington ). Also rated the best impersonator EVER !! 


Sol Bernstein will be performing at the following events, don't miss out.

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