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Ricky Grover

Never one to shy away from... well virtually anything, Ricky Grover is more than a personality; he’s an East End icon. With the attitude to match his size, this cockney geezer is everything you'd expect him to be having been a boxer and a hairdresser. On one hand Ricky is tough and powerful, but just before a stereotype is formed it will be shot down with clever interaction with the audience and a clear understanding of the world around him. Got a tough crowd? Why not get someone tougher!
Born and bred in London's East End, Ricky tried his hand as a hairdresser and a boxer before becoming an actor/writer/comedian and stalwart of the UK comedy circuit and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Illiterate until he was in his early thirties, he is now a prolific, award-winning writer. His gangster character Bulla was not only featured on Channel 4's The 11 O’Clock Show but was interviewed on BBC TV by one of Bulla's biggest fans - the one-and-only chat show host Michael Parkinson. He voiced the part of Yangus for best-selling video game Dragon Quest, presented the critically-acclaimed documentary F*** Off I’m Fat for BBC TV. On TV Most recently Ricky appeared on Eastenders as Andrew Cotton, and starred in the new run of Porridge last year as the tough inmate ‘Scudds’


BBC 1 - Eastenders | Channel 4 - The 11 O'clock Show, | FILMS - Revolver, Cargo , Dead Cert, Big Fat Gypsy Gangster | BBC1 - Porridge 2017 | ITV - Tonight With Trevor McDonald

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