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Men In Coats

Sunday Night at the Palladium ITV The Royal Variety Show, BBC1.
Who would have thought a pair of naff 1970s style snorkel parkas, a couple of badly painted faces and some giant shoes would produce one of the true comic hits of the past years.
After almost literally exploding on the Edinburgh Festival in 2002, Men in Coats have been winning rave reviews everywhere they've played. Men In Coats are Suitable for almost any function or event, they regularly perform across the UK & all over the World.
With an act using the halcyon days of variety and music hall and giving it a bizarre and surreal modern twist, these boys have to be seen to be believed.
Men In Coats are also a You Tube sensation with an amazing 60 million views across various performances and counting!

And all without saying a word. Genius!


BBC1 - The Royal Variety Show | ITV - Sunday Night at the Palladium

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