Confidently told hilarious tales of class-based woe, nothing missed the mark in a superb set where every story was expertly crafted before being subverted with a killer punch line. After practicing comedy for five arduous years, expect to see his name somewhere big very soon. - The List

John Scott first stepped on stage as a stand up in May 1999 at the Stand comedy club.

The promoters of the club were so impressed with his debut they asked him to participate in their Edinburgh festival Fringe show Stand up Scotland and two months later he found himself participating in the first of his eight Edinburgh runs. In 2010 John made a return to the Edinburgh festival to participate in Take the Mike. A competition sponsored by Fosters Lager and The Sun. This showcase offered the biggest cash prize of any competition at the festival and after a week of competition he walked away with the twelve thousand pounds. In a roundabout way this technically makes John the first winner of the Fosters comedy Award Since as they then went on to sponsor the main comedy award at the Edinburgh Festival a year later. From there he has completed another two solo Edinburgh runs and a critically acclaimed run at the Adelaide festival. More recently John was chosen from over 200 applicants to participate in the BBC’s Jesting About project, a showcase for comedy writers and performers from the North East. He worked on two separate projects with the BBC, the first to develop a radio sketch show and the second to develop a TV panel show.  The training has proven to be of use to him. John from here went on to develop the live political satire panel show Sod the Tories (And Have a Nice Week) which he per forms with a coalition of fellow comics monthly at the prestigious Stand Comedy Club.
He also works extensively on the corporate circuit and has appeared alongside such names as Jack Charlton, Peter Shilton, Nick Leeson (Rouge Trader) and again many more.
His TV and Radio work includes Radio Scotland’s Fred Macaulay show, BBC Radio Newcastle (Various) The Hour, Edinburgh Nights, The Rovers Pub Quiz, Live at Jongleurs for Loaded TV and Late Nite.
As a writer he has contributed to Top 50 Greatest Scots, The Live Floorshow and has recently been asked to contribute to a new comedy show for BBC radio Newcastle.


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