Australian born Jim Jeffries is a headline performer in countries such as Canada, Asia, South Africa,

Europe and the UK. Regarded as one of the fastest rising comedians in the comedy world, his brash confrontational style has made him one of the most sought after comics on the world stage. Jim gets away with jokes that most comedians wouldn't touch due to his ability to both charm and offend the crowd through equal measures.

In 2005 Jim wowed audiences at The Montreal 'Just for Laughs' Festival where he was performing in the highly acclaimed 'Nasty Show'. Jim garnered one of the biggest press articles at the festival and was also moved above 2 of America's cult comics as neither could follow his storming performances. In 2007 he was asked back to the festival this time to do a solo week, which sold out every night.

In 2006 Jim made his return to the Edinburgh Festival with his solo show titled ..The Second Coming.. which not only received seven 4 star reviews and numerous other press articles about his show, it sold out the whole run and he also managed to wind up Christian Voice as well. Hoorah!

In 2007 Jims Edinburgh festival show 30 was one off the hottest shows off the festival now earning him

three 5 stars reviews and eleven 4 stars. the success of this show took jim touring in america were he even supported Dennis Leary!

Its not all about filth with Jim though, he is also in constant demand for numerous TV shows and you can catch Jim on ..Comedy Cuts.. ITV2 ..Heaven & Earth.. BBC1, If.ComEddies ..ITV2, 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' BBC2 , 'The History of Offensive Humour' Channel 4 ..Comedy Blue.. Paramount, and even performing a clean set on 'The World Stands Up' and ..Edinburgh and Beyond.. for the Paramount Comedy Channel.

chelsea lately 2007

Paramount Short Cuts (Idents) 2007 (Paramount)

Have I Got News For You 2007 (BBC 1 & 2)

Big Brothers Little Brother 2007, 2008 (CH4)

Big Brother Big Mouth 2007, 2008(CH4)

10 Years of South Park (Paramount)

Class of 97 (Paramount) I Love The C Word (BBC)

Songs You Love to Hate 2007 (BB3)

History of Offensive Humour, 2007 (CH4)

Comedy Blue - 2007 (Paramount)

Comedy Cuts -2007 (ITV2)

Comedy Cuts 2 - 2007 (ITV2)

100 most annoying people of 2006 (BBC)

Edinburgh and Beyond, 2006 (Paramount)

If.ComEddies Award Programme, 2006 (ITV2)

eaven and Earth, 2006 (BBC)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 2004 & 2006 (BBC)

The Comedy Store, 2005 & 2006 (Paramount & CH5)

The World Stands Up, 2006 (Paramount)

Flipside TV, 2005 (Paramount)

Last Chancers, 2004 (CH4)

Jongleurs, 2001 (Paramount)

Coming Up:

News Knight (BBC2/Hattrick Pilot)

Flutter (Sky One)

Team Stupid (Hattrick Pilot)

Damgermouth (CH4)

New york comedy festival 2007

Montreal Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs. 2005 & 2007

Edinburgh Comedy Festival. 2002, 2004, 2006 & 2007

The South African Comedy Festival 2005 & 2007

Leeds & Reading Festivals. 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007

Glastonbury Festival. 2004, 2005 & 2007

Latitude Festival. 2006


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